Friday, January 6, 2012

Clouded by Cloud Security Concerns?

Cloud Computing is an emerging trend or seemingly an evolution in IT industry. When electricity, water, telephone, etc., are provided as utilities, why not the power of computing or data storage? Thoughts on similar lines triggered the concept ‘Utility Computing’ during early 60s. This concept has matured over years. With the power of internetworking it has reincarnated as ‘Cloud Computing’.

However, end users are clouded. They are unclear and concerned. The source of their concerns is ‘Cloud Security’. We park our expensive cars on streets. We are not concerned because of an appropriate car insurance plan. We do keep our hard earned money in banks. We use bank lockers to store important documents, jewelry, etc., We are used to these paradigms or provisions whether or not they offer adequate security.

Is there a cloud we can trust? This is what CIOs ask. As a matter of fact,  product companies are working on clouds we can trust. Cloud platforms will have an increasing level of adoption when security concerns are addressed adequately. In addition to this, cloud providers will have to get into contractual terms and commit to legal obligations in serving end users or customers. Until now, not many providers address these areas. Therefore, customers think twice and decide to adopt private clouds.

We will go through this evolution. However, Cloud Computing has its promises. It is possible to optimize IT budgets by leveraging the benefits of cloud. The term ‘Clouptimization’ relates to this possibility.

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