Friday, January 27, 2012

Agile Teams: Try Drumming for Team Building!

My previous blog mentioned a little bit about the “5th Indira International Innovation Summit”  presented by Indira College of Engineering and Management.  One of the sessions in this event was “Building Teams One Beat at a Time” by Ms. Aliya Hasal, CEO, Drum Café International.

15 minutes before the start of this session, event volunteers swiftly distributed Djambe drums to almost all 400 attendees in the auditorium. When the anchor Dr. Raju Bhatia invited the presenters on stage, the audience started beating the Djambe drums whimsically. I could feel a sudden desire or change of mind among all to keep beating the drums until the presenters acknowledged the enthusiasm and calmed down everyone!

We were in complete silence. Dr. Vinod Hasal (Director, Drum Café, India) started leading the performance on stage and miraculously gave us very simple instruction to follow the beats! Within minutes, the entire auditorium was in rhythm. We could feel unity, team-building, relaxation, creativity, learning and fun! He was a great coach! & He engaged the team of 400 enthusiastic, novice drummers very well! The result was rhythmic drum beats! The patterns changed every three minutes and the audience followed without missing the beats! A vast majority of us had never touched a Djambe drum before! However, we could join the team on stage and follow their rhythm.  As a result, this session rejuvenated us and made us believe in the power of co-creation.

I strongly believe that drumming sessions like this one can benefit organizations and communities. These sessions can help us build Agile teams. No doubt about it! My experience in this session reemphasized the fact that we must trust our team, give them the necessary infrastructure and tools, and provide them an open environment. This is because the quality of our workday counts! When we do this our teams become creative and innovative.

Above all, we must identify an agile coach. This is the foundation of agile teams. With a good coach, team members will align and start performing! When they perform together over multiple iterations there will be continuous improvement and high quality.

Have you been through a ‘drumming’ session for team building? What do you think?

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