Friday, June 3, 2011

Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship

Robert Martin, one of the 17 founders of Agile Manifesto is one among the leaders who initiated ‘Software Craftsmanship’ movement during 2009 in order to emphasize on the importance of product quality. According to him, Agile practitioners focus more on iteration management activities and less on engineering best practices. The motivation of Software Craftsmanship manifesto is to kindle the enthusiasm in software engineers to create high quality products. Widely known among industry leaders as ‘Uncle Martin’, Robert Martin has objectively crafted this manifesto with his colleagues so that it remains aligned with Agile Manifesto and propels Agile movement. He believes that Software Craftsmanship movement will help us reinstate engineering best practices such as Coding Standards, Refactoring, Test Driven Development, Automated Unit Tests, etc. Also, he claims that several Scrum projects focus heavily on management practices and on the other hand they do not provide equal focus on engineering practices. He recommends that there has to be a balance.

Undoubtedly, Software Craftsmanship manifesto is here to stay and propel Agile movement over the next several years to come.

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