Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Four Dimensions of Quality

This is with reference to my blog of June 3rd 2011 on The Manifesto for Software Craftsmanship Manifesto. This manifesto says

As aspiring Software Craftsmen, we are raising the bar of professional software development by practicing it and helping others learn the craft. Through this work, we have come to value:

Not only working software, but also well-crafted software
Not only responding to change, but also steadily adding value
Not only individuals and interactions, but also a community of professionals
Not only customer collaboration, but also productive partnerships

That is, in pursuit of the items on the left, we have found the items on the right to be indispensable.

When you observe the crux of this manifesto closely, it relates to four dimensions of quality, viz., Product Quality, Business Quality, Professional Quality and Engagement Quality.  Right ?

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