Friday, July 19, 2013

My Next Two Speaking Sessions

Next week, on Friday (26th July) I am speaking at BSPIN Annual Conference. The topic is 'How to Build Effective Dashboards'. I discussed some elements of this tutorial in my earlier posts.   BSPIN is the Bangalore chapter of Software Process Improvement Network.   BSPIN Annual Conference is a 2-day conference scheduled on 26th and 27th July 2013.

On Saturday (27th July) I am speaking at Scrum Gathering India Regional 2013, in Pune. This conference is scheduled on 26th and 27th July.  The topic of my session is 'How Do We Learn? - A Key Question for Practicing Scrum Teams'.

Team members of Scrum teams are busy delivering working software iteration after iteration. Do they get adequate time and opportunities to learn?  Are they too busy delivering working software? Do they find it hard to ensure work-life balance? Do they feel that they learned nothing much at the end of their project?

How do we learn? This is one of the seemingly most simple but important question you and your team members need to ask yourself and think through.  We are professionals.  Obviously we know why we learn and what to learn.  However, many of us seldom think enough about how we learn.

The objective of this session is to find answer to this question.  Register and attend these events happening in two different cities.  Even though the dates are the same for these conferences, registration are happening and only few seats are left!

I look forward to presenting,  interacting and learning from these two events!

I have elaborated my presentation in these two sessions in these two blog posts.

  1. Tutorial on Effective Dashboards: Takeaways and References
  2. My Session at Scrum Gathering India 2013 

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