Thursday, August 2, 2012

Requirements Engineering: Lessons from 5 Unusual Sources

Requirements Engineering continues to be one of the challenging aspects of software engineering. Delivering working software in short iterations requires intense communication and coordination among agile teams in order to refine requirements and identify dependencies and conflicts. In my experience with agile teams in both collocated and distributed environments, an interesting aspect I have observed is that successful agile teams can learn from unusual sources. Here are five such unusual sources.
  1. Restaurants & Waiters
  2. Airports and Flights
  3. Families and Children
  4. Schools and Teachers
  5. Ant Colonies
In my article titled, ‘Distributed Agile: Steps to Improve Quality before Design” I wrote that quality is a journey that starts from the early stages of projects. When we open our eyes and ears to the world around us and learn from unusual sources, we get an opportunity to apply such lessons and understand how simple things make big differences.
What can we learn from these 5 unusual sources? To know more, read this article 'Agile Requirements: Lessons from Five Unusual Sources' published in Agile Record.

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