Thursday, May 17, 2012

Achieving Benefits from Distributed Agile Teams

This blog post is about a report on ‘Distributed Agile’ by Elizabeth Harrin. This report titled 'Distributed Agile Teams: Achieving the Benefits', is based on a survey conducted by Elizabeth during January 2012 among 340 distributed agile practitioners. It is an informative report and it is it free! 

Sometime during Nov/Dec 2011, Elizabeth collaborated with me in collecting my views and opinions on distributed teams. She has shared some of my thoughts in this report in several places.

I think surveys like this need to happen at regular intervals – may be every year. Also, the number of respondents per survey must increase. When thousands of practitioners participate in a survey the results can benefit analysts and researchers. A good idea is to conduct the next round of this survey from destinations that provide software services and analyze them with the inputs provided by customers who consume software services. A survey like this can provide the analysis and consolidation of the views of both providers and consumers.

Elizabeth’s report is a great one to begin with. Here are the links to the report and couple of reviews on this report.

Main Report (38-Page PDF) -


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