Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fixed Price Distributed Agile Projects

I will be delivering a session on 'Fixed Price Distributed Agile Projects' at Agile Tour 2011, Bangalore on 26th Nov 2011.  This session will present the challenges and approaches related to executing Fixed Price projects in Distributed Agile model.

In reality, projects are sanctioned based on pre-approved budgets. Customers prefer to get projects done in fixed-cost. Can the scope remain fixed? Can the schedule also remain fixed?  The challenges of fixed price projects  emerge from changes in requirements.  How do we stick to "Responding to change over following a plan" as mentioned in Agile Manifesto when we execute fixed price projects?  How do we value "Customer Collaboration" over "Contract Negotiation"?

If you are in Bangalore next week, plan to attend Agile Tour 2011.

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